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Today, many people around the world are observing Good Friday. For Christians, this day is one of sadness and reflection, tempered only by the promise of Easter just around the corner. Good Friday may symbolize the day that Jesus died, but Easter represents a time of rebirth; a time for people to start again regardless of the past.

Whether you believe in a God or a religion or not, we can all learn something from this story. Many people are facing the current pandemic with fear and sadness. No matter what precautions we take – how much we isolate, or wear our homemade masks, or wash our hands – the randomness of this virus leaves us feeling out of control. There’s no predicting who will contract Covid-19 or how it will affect them. In addition to the physical manifestations, some people in quarantine are facing mental isolation. Voices start to rattle around inside their minds. A simple idea turns into an echo, then a vibration, then an avalanche. And then there’s the financial uncertainty that no one could have predicted! No doubt, this is a dark time. It is the world’s Good Friday without the certainty that Easter will follow.

At Buena Vista, we know what it feels like for life to be beyond our control. No matter what precautions we take, the randomness of life is evident. We have new high fences around our entire 325 acres. We have predator control systems in place. We feed our animals every day, whether a single guest comes to visit or not. We give them regular veterinarian care. We do everything we can to keep our animals healthy and safe. But we still have animals that get sick, die, or are killed. It doesn’t happen often, and every time we lose an animal it makes us deeply sad. Regardless of how careful we are, some things are outside of our control.

But here’s what the Easter story teaches us: THERE IS HOPE. At Buena Vista now, it’s baby season! Oryxes and Elands and Longhorns and Angoras are on the ground. Bison and Red Deer and Blackbuck are coming. Flowers are springing up. The grass is green. There is the promise of rebirth and renewal. There is much to be hopeful about, even if we don’t know the ending of the story yet.

As we have learned so quickly, the coronavirus affects people regardless of race, gender, nationality, orientation, or even financial situation. But we’ve also seen people come together to help others in new and creative ways. At Buena Vista, our different animals don’t always stick with their own kind. One of our emus, Nellie, much prefers the company of Sue and Gryff, the llamas. The zebra and the wildebeest are buds. The bison and the longhorns hang out together. What if we could be more like our friends at the Safari? Wouldn’t it be great if we could emerge from this time of darkness with a new ability to: radically accept people who look different from us; radically love people who have disparate beliefs or agendas; and radically cooperate for a common good? The best way to get through the darkness is to focus on the light that is coming. What will that light look like for you?

Share your good, #BuenaGood : https://www.buenavistawildlifesafari.com/covid-19

If you are looking for a message of hope on Easter, go to: live.pathway.church

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