• D'Ann Drennan


How is May going for you? It’s probably a lot different than you expected. For parents, May is usually the season of stressful finals, Awards Banquets, and graduations (with Mother’s Day squeezed in somehow). For others, it’s Memorial Day and the kick-off to camping season with friends and family. For nearly everyone, May is a VERY busy month. But regardless of what every other May for the entirety of your life was like, this year probably looks quite a bit different.

At Buena Vista, we’ve been hearing and posting a lot of positive stories about how people are making the best of the quarantine, their economic worries, and their isolation. But you can’t always just put on a happy face and make everything ok. It’s actually healthy to embrace ALL your emotions – both good and bad - and then work through them. Grief shouldn’t be an emotion reserved just for death. For those who haven’t been able to hug their elderly parents, or who won’t get to see their kid walk across stage, or who can’t get together with all their friends for a BBQ, or who didn’t get to play their final season… it’s OK to GRIEVE.

At Buena Vista this month, we’ve grieved the loss of a baby Angora goat that lived for only a day, despite our best efforts to save it. We’ve grieved that we haven’t had our quarterly employee fun day. We’ve grieved that we can’t interact with our guests in the way we usually do. These seem trivial when compared to many of the big issues in the world. But the thing is, nothing we feel deeply about seems trivial to US.

So we encourage you: Acknowledge your feelings. Accept your emotions. Appreciate the changes. We can’t expect life always to be happy, nor should we. Be we can expect to come out of every situation we face just a little bit smarter, and a little bit more prepared to handle whatever comes our way. Life is full of uncertainties, but even the ones that seem bad at the time – if we work all the way THROUGH them - can be our best blessings in retrospect.

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