• D'Ann Drennan

Summer Sun & Safari Animals

Summer is in full swing, and the animals know it just as well as we do.

One of the best things about Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park, in my humble opinion, is the fact that the Safari animals aren’t caged. They have about 350 acres to roam freely, just as they would in wild. Of course, this particular Safari is designed that way for a purpose, which can be found in the mission statement of the business: It is our mission to provide a natural and safe experience for both our animals and the people who visit them. We have designed our facility to allow our animals to live in the most authentic, cage-free environment possible, with high-quality but non-intrusive care and interactions. We strive to give every person who enters our gates a natural wildlife experience, encouraging them to expand their minds and restore their souls through nature.

Open range safaris are a bit of a double-edged sword. The positive side is, of course, the animals being in a natural environment. We wish all animals in all zoos and safari parks had the opportunity to live each day more like they would in their natural wild environment. But then this leads us to the negative part- without the animals being caged by the roads, visitors might not always see all of them, especially when it’s 105 degrees in the shade. Of course, there are many of our species that love the heat. The wildebeest, zebras, oryx, and other African species are bred to withstand the hot temperatures of Africa (and therefore, Texas). Their bodies are just made that way. The Pere David Deer don’t mind the heat, because they’ll cool off by swimming in the water. The bison and longhorns also can be found grazing in the meadow, even when it’s hot. Other species on the Safari are sensitive to the heat, and they’re going to spend their time by staying as cool as they can in the shady spots in the Safari.

So, if you drive through on a hot summer day, and you don’t see much, just take another lap around. The animals are out there, but they’re enjoying a bit of shade, just as you or I would on a hot Texas summer day. And when you’re finished driving though, stop by the petting zoo for some one-on-one time with a few animals, like Oliver the pot-bellied pig, or George the baby Angora goat!

Toni, Marketing Director

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