• D'Ann Drennan

Summer Hair Cuts!

It was haircut day at the Safari this past weekend! If you happen to notice a lot of hair hanging on the fence and on the ground at the petting zoo, don’t worry – no animals were harmed. But take a look at the alpacas and llamas and you’ll see a lot less hair on THEM! Alpacas and llamas do not shed their fleece - which is exceptionally dense - so they get very hot in the Texas summers if they don’t get a good haircut.

We started early in the morning, so we wouldn’t stress the animals. We shouldn’t have worried about Benjamin (the daddy alpaca) – he decided he’d rather lay down for his hair cut. (The fancy word for that is “cushing.”) That’s why Benjamin looks a bit like he’s wearing a skirt. Flaca (the mama) went next. Even though her babies were right beside her, she heard one of them, made a few humming noises, and then spit twice. Alpaca spit smells sooooo bad! After that, Vegas and Kuzco, the babies, were easy to shear. Next were the llamas. After shearing the alpacas, the llamas seemed so big! Even though Gryff doesn’t like his belly trimmed, he behaved very gentlemanly. Sue, as always, was a sweetheart, standing quietly and placidly. We even tried to shave a “BV” into her rump, but it doesn’t show up with all her fleece.

Next year, we plan a shearing party. In the meantime, there is a little bit of alpaca and llama fleece in the Safari office if you want to stop by and see what it feels like.

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