• D'Ann Drennan

Evant- the beating heart of Central Texas

A One Horse Town? --- Then Three Cars - Then a Highway – Then Walmart - After That???

What does a one horse town have to do with Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park? - Aside from the fact that it now has three zebra and many other new additions, it fits the common perception of many small Texas towns... or does it?

This is the early downtown square of Evant before cars and roads were common

By the 1930s, Evant had a booming business community. My great grandfather's store was the Burney Hardware store, located on the west side of the square.

By the 1980s and 90s, Evant had slowly died. Urbanization, a changing job market, and modern transportation created the steady decline of what was a typical American town. Evant became a sad reminder of a forgotten past.

Our family has always returned to Evant in an effort to stay connected with the past and have a hope for a future where we can focus on the Who and not the What of our lives. Buena Vista is our way to share the best of nature and its animals with others. I also invite you to linger a bit in town - remembering a slower time when men played dominoes on the stoop, women had time for coffee with their neighbors, and kids could play Cowboys and Indians without involving the police. Perhaps you may even find yourself wondering if you might like such a hometown for yourself.

Don't miss the car show, chili cook-off, Homecoming parade, music in the park, and the bike rodeo on September 28 in Evant, and the Pumpkin Patch at Buena Vista Wildlife Safari & RV Park beginning September 28 and continuing every day during the entire month of October!

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