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1000 Hours Outside

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

There’s a movement happening called 1000 hours outside. Ginny Yurich, a Michigan mom of five, began this challenge to encourage people to spend time outside with their children. For statistic nerds, here are some facts.

This is where the 1,000 hours was born. To try to balance out the amount of screen time with outdoor time.

We at Buena Vista encourage outdoor time. We are sometimes amazed that kids (and even their parents) are not able to entertain themselves. Not even when they are given sticks and rocks and dirt and worms (and even fishing poles and fish in the pond!). They don’t know what to use the stage for. They don’t realize they can climb on the logs and the rocks. They don’t know how to use an old-fashioned see-saw.

As schools become increasingly structured and rigid in the wake of the current pandemic, as high-stakes testing continues to lurk, as kids’ anxiety and depression rates soar … there IS an answer. It’s called nature. Come join us. Join the pledge. Strive for 1000 hours outside in a year and watch your life, and your kids’ lives, change!

Learn more here, and download your own tracker: https://1000hoursoutside.com/index.html/

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