7 days / week:  9-4 pm*
*winter hours
Safari open 363 days a year; only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. 

Mon - Sun, 9-5 pm

Cabin and RV check-in available after hours with prior notice.

Here at Buena Vista Wildlife Safari we have an absolute 5 MPH speed limit at all times throughout our park.  Our hope is that your experience with us can be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  So take it slow, enjoy all the wonderful sights, and keep it safe for our animals.
At Buena Vista, you get to drive through in your own vehicle, but we have a few rules to keep you safe: 
  • Remove any loose items from your car or the bed of your pickup
  • Do not ride in the back of pickups
  • Keep your doors closed at all times
  • Never get out of your vehicle while in the Safari



EMERGENCY: 254-791-5441. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the wildlife.


Granjita means “little farm.”  Our Granjita Petting Zoo is a wonderful place to pet and meet different, loving animals up-close.  It is always free, and you are able to spend as much time there as you want. 

Please do not feed the animals any food except what we provide you when you purchase your tickets. Also please refrain from bringing your pets to the Granjita Petting Zoo.


The feed at Buena Vista is specially made for the animals. Any outside food could be potentially hazardous to them.  Please do not endanger our animals by feeding them anything other that what we provide.

Please toss the feed onto the ground around your car instead of feeding the animals by hand.  This way you get great pictures but don't have to worry about their antlers getting stuck or something going wrong.


Pet Policy

For your safety and the safety of our animals, we have an absolute no pets policy inside the Wildlife Safari and the Granjita Petting Zoo.

Peanut Allergen


Do you or your child have peanut allergies?  Relax, none of the feed we use contains peanut products.  So you can enjoy your trip and feed our animals without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

Time at the Safari
You can spend as long as you want inside the Wildlife Safari.  One complete loop takes about an hour, but your ticket is good for all day.  Come in the morning, take a break for lunch in downtown Evant or in our Event Center, then come back through the Safari in the afternoon.  We promise each time you will see something new and amazing.  
There are plenty of activities to spend the entire day at the Safari.  Visit the animals at the Granjita Petting Zoo; play a game of pool or a family game inside the Event Center; enjoy horseshoes, cornhole, ladder ball, and more under the Pavilion; and let the kids play on the playground, at Fort Buena Vista or the Outdoor Stage.  Relax and enjoy time with friends and family!
Wash Your Hands

Just Like Your Mother Always Said: Please Wash Your Hands! Even though we keep our animals healthy, they can share pathogens with us.  Always wash your hands after touching the animals or their living areas. We have hand sanitizer stations and bathrooms available.

No Feeding Zones​

The entrance and exit to the Safari, as well as a couple of places inside the Safari, are no feed zones.  You will see clearly marked signs. This helps traffic flow and ensures the animals don’t leave when you do.