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May 2020

Happenings on the hill this summer

Don't miss out on the "happenings" on the hill this summer! We have a lot in store for you. Make sure you are following our social media pages (links at the bottom of this page) to keep up with what we have going on! 

February 2020

Party Bus!

Are you frustrated that all the campsites are booked for Spring Break? Do you want a fun adventure that won’t break the bank? We can help!! We are offering an exclusive discount to our newsletter subscribers

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April 2020

Download the CampersApp

We have a new system that makes it SO EASY to come see us! You can also find us on CampersApp. Just download the app and search for us on the map or type in the keyword "SAFARI." Whether you use the website or the app, you'll be able to fill out the release online, then purchase your tickets. When you arrive, all you have to do is show your receipt (printed or digital), collect your feed and brochures, and be on your way through the Safari!

January 2020

New Family Members 

When you and your lovebird visit Buena Vista, make sure you say hello to our newest additions.  We have a new boy and girl ostrich!  (Which means we’ll be on the lookout for ostrich eggs, too.)  They are very friendly, and don’t mind sticking their necks out for a little food.  

March 2020

Be The Bright Spot

2020 will be a year that no one forgets. There are so many things about this year that we cannot control. But we CAN control how we respond. Our kids and grandkids will never forget this year. It will be their generation’s Pearl Harbor, JFK Assasination, 9-11. How WE respond to the pandemic will shape their lives forever. We at Buena Vista want to help you see the Bright Side. 

December 2019

Birth Announcement 

Benjamin Button and Flaca proudly announce the birth of their latest cria, a beautiful baby girl. Stop by the Petting Zoo to see this baby, and watch for a naming contest coming in the New Year! Visit our YouTube page to watch her birth!