Where is everything in the Park located? Will I be staying in the middle of the Safari?
  • The Cabins, RV sites, Event Center, Office, Children’s Area, and Petting Zoo are all located in front of the Safari, with convenient 24/7 access directly off Highway 281.

  • The Safari is adjoining and directly behind the cabins and RV area. 

May I use a drone at the Park?
  • Yes, as long as you don’t fly low enough to make the animals spook.

  • Please tag us on Facebook or Insta with your favorite photos and videos!

If we come and have a small dog and I want to take her out in the middle of the night, are we separated from where the coyotes could be?
  • Worried about coyotes?  Coyotes are wild animals, and we cannot control where they roam. However, rest assured that they will stay away from areas where people are. You will be perfectly safe walking your dog in the RV and Cabin areas.

Are there hiking trails onsite?
  • You may hike the small mown path around the perimeter of the Park - about ½ mile. You may also walk / run at the Evant ISD track or the Evant municipal park.

  • USDA rules do not allow hiking inside the Safari. You must stay inside your vehicle at all times when inside the Safari.

How long does it take to go through the Safari?
  • The road inside the Safari is 3.6 miles. You may take as long as you’d like to make the loop, and you may circle through the Safari as many times as you want. You’ll see something new each time!

What happens if I need help with my vehicle while I’m at the Safari?
  • If you need help with your vehicle, our office staff can help you: 254.791.5441

  • To call a mechanic: McCannic Shop (Vernon McCann in Evant) - 254.471.5570

  • To call a tow truck: Murphy’s Wrecker Service (Hamilton) - 254.386.8889

  • To call for keys locked in: AreaWide Locksmith - 512.556.2999

How many times can I go through the Safari?
  • Tickets are good for one full day. We recommend you come in the morning, grab a bite of lunch in Evant or use our Event Center kitchen, and go back through in the afternoon. You’ll see different animals each time!

Are Safari tickets included for RV or Cabin guests? 
  • Safari tickets are an additional charge.  [click here for prices.]  RV, Cabin, and Tent guests enjoy “buy one / get the remainder of your stay free” tickets to the Safari. 

Can my dog go through the Safari with me? What about my cat? My miniature horse?
  • As much as we're sure your animals would like to meet our animals, USDA prohibits bringing any animals inside the drive-through Safari.

  • As much as we're sure your animals would like to meet our animals, USDA prohibits bringing any animals inside the drive-through Safari.

How does the petting zoo work? What’s in it?
  • For the petting zoo, you may get feed from the office and pet the animals from outside the fence. There are potbelly pigs, pygmy goats, angora goats, alpaca, a rabbit, and chickens.